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8/17/05 08:26 pm

It feels so surreal to be back in London. I have spent so long away, and i havnt seen london freinds for ages! i miss you all :(

ive spent a week in ireland being harrassed by lots of irish cousins...got very stressful at times.anyway, its great to be back, especially as its not continuously shite weather here.

camp was really good, and i know i say that every year - but there were some really safe people in my group and i even managed 2 get a slight tan (which has now completely faded having been in rainy ireland)

i left my book full of notes and addresses from camp in the pub after camp...and the guy who owns the pub really freaks me out...all he said when i phoned and told him my name was " i remember you bea, how could i forget...bea double D, yehhh, bea double D....etc". how drunk was i?????? what is he on about! im so not going back alone. im dragging sas with me. freaky guy...

my phone got stolen at my own house party, in case i havnt told you all, so dont try ringing it. im getting a new one soon, as soon as i can afford it.

give me a call all of you - let me know what your up 2. cant wait 2 go to the pub and have "a pint and a cigarette" - just for you iona!

7/9/05 03:47 pm

Leah's aunt is one of the bodies still stuck in the tube near kings cross. it makes me sad and angry. Shes really upset especially as her aunt doesnt usually take that train, but was diverted that morning due to signal failures.

in other news i cannot believe we travelled all the way to fucking richmond for mike's thing and had to return to camden. so pissed off. especailly as i passed my house several times on the way to the enterprize. grr

my parents are going away from the 16th to the 26th july...and you know what that means ppl? house parties. sas and the band are going to be using my house as a place to rehurse cos im doing an art course for lil kiddies during the day. gonna be 10 days of fun, with a little bit of frantic cleaning and attempting to get the stench of smoke out of the house at the end.

im trying to decide between about 4 different parties tonight...all in v different places; parli hill, stanmore, finchely central and hammersmith...

anyone whos in london, get in touch, cos i have no idea when people are here and when your all away.

5/31/05 07:01 pm

ah my computer is so fucked, which explains my random earlier entry...wasnt finished

i really have been trying to work hard, i just dont know how to, what having never revised/worked hard for anything in my life :)

its my birthday on the day of the english exam (june 10th), im determined to party hard! so keep that friday night free everyone...

i was so depressed last week, my freind james agerholm (upper 6th highgate last year) is in a coma in rome. he got hit by a drunk driver whilst he was travelling europe. its just the saddest thing. if he does recover he will have severe brain damage :( its just unreal.

anyway, thought i should tell everyone, learn from his mistakes perhaps.

i managed to get work experience at the whittington hospital...which is upsetting cos i was gonna go 2 ireland and help my uncle out in his pub! how jokes! like a proper irish pub for a whole week, grr. i mean wtf would i want 2 work in a hospital...im not interested in medecine. at least im doing those art classes for little kiddies, im looking forward 2 that.

lara turned up at my house last night (about 3 am) completely fucked. she wouldnt tell me where she'd been or who with and literaly within 10 mins she passed out on my bed...so i had 2 sleep on my sofa. when i got up this morning she had gone. and shes lost her fone so i cant through 2 her. i think she is the most fucked up person i know....i think shes jelous and me and dan. :)

im off 2 primrose 2 meet dan and blaze my gcse's away.... love to u all

5/12/05 05:12 pm

"frankly mr shankly im a sickening wreck"

god that song is addictive and so feel good! it reminds me of certain nice people.....very yummy scrummy people. ;)

just got back from my brothers a level play - he got 100%, which is amazing.it was quite terrifying, even though i knew what was going to happen...

ive got my art gcse 2mro and im desperately trying to figure out what the feck im going to do...as currently i dont know what im doing! i would really appreciate anny (no matter how stupid) suggestions on my final piece.

im thinking (a sculpture of one of the following): an insect (massive and made from wire), a tree mobile, a tree, and yeh thats pretty much as far as ive got. HELP HELP HELP

im so screwed

its my birthday in a month :)

also - anyone interested in staying in a villa in europe (somewhere - suggestions would also be appreciated) after the exams it may be arranged.

dan is so annoying. hes like perfect - but i dont like him that much! and he likes me...i hate it but i always like a challenge - i want what i cant have and i dont want dan cos i know i can have him. irritating boy with hot lip piercing.

im off to panic about art for several hours.

2/22/05 07:17 pm - DEAD GIRLS DONT SAY NO


doin sas' dirty work for her :) luv u rlly

2/4/05 04:02 pm

dan the man who can

mei mei is cute :)

1/17/05 08:14 pm

last weekend was blaters, deffers preggers to the max! (sorry, random private joke...) thanks fru for leting us stay and sas and reb 4 the entertainment.

i just sent off my camp form and i really hope i get to go to the hebrides islands, that would so rock.my brother is first year staff and it will be hilaroius to watch him entertaining little kids!

i had the shittiest day today. everything went wrong. we got some results back from the mocks and i did v badly, in fact i blame it entrirely on fucking dr.woodward - stingy bitch!

so before evryone gets offended that i havnt told them. im seeing a guy called dan. dan is so hot, i cant begin to describe! hes like perfect and soo yummy! dark hair, eyes and really yummy soft stubble, and a lip ring.....mmmmmmmmmm........and so sweet - he phones me and we chat 4 so long and hes so good at kissing.

we went to a cafe in camden (and unlike joel who was too cheap to buy me a giant cookie) today. its just so nice being with him.

while i was away in walberwick, suffolk, nick had like 3 houseparties in 2 days! my poor dad had to help clean up after! shocking!wish id been here though, some of nicks friends are quite cute!

im enjoying life without mocks, and cant wait 4 the art trip to florence and venice in easter! A bit worried about mr bivand following us around though! ergh

i cant wait 4 sas' bands debut in whitechapel! oh, and i wierdly enough found out that harry, (matt's friend in shuffle) went to northbridge house in camden - my old school - and knew my brother. speaking of that i hope cokes is having a gd time at the garage in highbury as i write!

12/28/04 09:12 pm

hey dudes

i really should be revising

instead i folowed saskias example and made a fun but very pointless quiz


please do it i wil be upset if you dont

Take my Quiz on QuizYourFriends.com!

10/12/04 06:12 am

hey evryone

havnt done the whole livejournal thing 4 ages.

we just got bak from p link. it was so wierdly deserted, kinda freaked me out. where r all the old ppl 2day? where is crazy old fred? its quite sweet actually as they think were already getting ready to bake cakes 4 the gay tea party were goin 2 have 4 them.especially as it wont be as good as last year so say the pensionners like very time we see them. so ungrateful!

maths coursework was a shambles. it was a joke. i know i fucked it up completely.

im going 2 america in half term! its gonna be so good. kinda depressing though cos im goin 2 c my rlly sick aunt...but o well. im going 2 dragh my dad (and his wallet) around new york! i refuse 2 spend me time looking around museums pretending 2 be interested....

does any one knwo defuinately what their doin 4 a levels? and please guys stay 4 6th form. i didnt want 2 at 1st but as there arnt many choices and its just so much effort 2 move 2 somewhere which i know i will regret as soon as i go there i am going 2 stay. buuut if evreyone just leaves and leaves me with the bitchy grls, im going 2 leave 2! but please dont leave!

WERE GOING 2 MISS U CHRIS. ill come and visit u in america!

j is reading this now...gonna leave...

and in answer 2 js question: yes

and mwhahahahahaha IM CONFUSING U REBS!

9/16/04 07:30 pm

date: 2MORO (friday)

reason: hogarths birthday

whos invited?: EVERYONE

hopefully it wont be too boring

u can come bak with me after school or join us later.

and dont worry hogarths birthday is just an excuse rlly 2 have a gathering....we wont rlly be "celebrating" it....unless u guys want!

but yeh....

oh and bring sleeping bags if u want 2 stay over. or at least try cos im not sure how many i actually have at home.....

what else....erm....any questions ask me!

and sorry this is late. and aslo sorry if i havnt directly invited ne1, its not intentional i just cnt chat 2 everyone. god knows i tried though!
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